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Our treatment service is open to everyone. The clinical team will decide the suitability of the service and treatment requested based on the answers you provide during the questionnaire.

For any first-time users of Contraception Pill, we will provide more information on the medications listed during the questionnaire process. This should help with your decision on treatment.

If during the questionnaire you are unsure of any questions or feel you would like to discuss your issue further with a GP, please book a Video Appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Birth control pills come in two primary types: combined pills and progesterone-only pills also known as “mini pills. These pills contain synthetic versions of the hormones that naturally occur in women. They function somewhat differently depending on the specific hormone present. When taken correctly, both kinds are highly effective at preventing pregnancy

The birth control patch holds oestrogen and progesterone, similar to the combined contraceptive pill, and these hormones get into your body through your skin. You put on a fresh patch each week for three weeks, then take a four-day break from the patch, and keep following this pattern.

The birth control ring is a soft, small silicone ring with both oestrogen and progesterone. You put in a new ring inside your vagina every month. It stays there for 21 days, slowly releasing hormones into your bloodstream through the vaginal wall, and then you take it out.

Each of these hormones might lead to various side effects. If these show up, their intensity can vary based on the hormone’s dosage, type, and how it’s delivered – like through a tablet, patch, or ring. Some effects can be :

  • Irregular vaginal bleeding/spotting.
  • Transient breast tenderness.
  • Nausea.
  • Acne: This may get better, stay the same, or worsen.
  • Low mood & low libido: Progesterone-only pills are generally not believed to cause this.
  • Vaginal bleeding or spotting.
  • Temporary breast tenderness, often resolving within 2-4 weeks.
  • Bloating.
  • Headaches and migraines: New migraines arising with this pill should be assessed.
  • Nausea during initial pill use.
  • Elevated blood pressure: Regular readings every 6 months are crucial.
  • Blood clots: These are extremely rare but could be serious.

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