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"A very quick, efficient and professional service. Treatment was emailed to my local pharmacy within minutes. Also 50% cheaper than visiting a local GP."
By Cassie
Mar 1, 2023

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Our treatment service is open to everyone. The clinical team will decide the suitability of the service and treatment requested based on the answers you provide during the questionnaire.

For any first-time users of Eczema treatment, we will provide more information on the medications listed during the questionnaire process. This should help with your decision on treatment.

If during the questionnaire you are unsure of any questions or feel you would like to discuss your issue further with a GP, please book a Video Appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Symptoms for eczema can include dry, itchy and red skin. In more severe cases the skin can become crusty and start to bleed.

The short answer is no. You cannot catch or pass on eczema with close contact to others.

Eczema can appear in a variety of areas of the body including the face, neck, inside elbows and knees, on the hands, torso and feet. Different people can experience symptoms in a range of areas on the body.

Along with topical treatment that can be prescribed a GP, it is best to clean and protect the skin every day, avoid any irritants that may cause flare-ups, treat your skin with topical treatment during flare-ups, avoid itching and prevent the skin from becoming infected.

The best way to avoid itching, which can make your symptoms worse, is to keep your skin moisturised every day, when experiencing itching you can use a cold compress to reduce redness and you can also use antihistamines to decrease the urge to itch your skin.

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