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"A very quick, efficient and professional service. Treatment was emailed to my local pharmacy within minutes and I got my period delay tablets immediately. Also 50% cheaper than visiting a local GP."
By Cassie
Mar 1, 2023

How it Works

Get access to treatment in three simple steps

Complete Questionnaire

Answer about your medical history, symptoms and any medications you are currently taking.

Review by a Doctor

Your questionnaire will be viewed by one of our GP's to ensure it is clinically suitable for you.

Electronic Treatment

When your request is approved by our clinical team, we will send you a confirmation email with information on your treatment collection.

Is this service for me?

Our treatment service is open to everyone. The clinical team will decide the suitability of the service and treatment requested based on the answers you provide during the questionnaire.

For any first-time users of Period Delay treatment, we will provide more information on the medications listed during the questionnaire process. This should help with your decision on treatment.

If during the questionnaire you are unsure of any questions or feel you would like to discuss your issue further with a GP, please book a Video Appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The treatment works by ensuring your hormone levels do not decrease, and therefore your period will not arrive until 2-3 days after you stop taking the period delay medication. Your period usually arrives when your progesterone levels drop, and the treatment stops this process from happening.

You will need to use other contraceptives e.g. condoms while taking the treatment as the period delay treatment is not a form of contraception.

The treatment that we can provide is able to delay your period by a week or 17 days. It is important to take your medication three days before your period is due, if you take the medication close to your period arriving the medication may not work, as hormone levels will likely have started to decrease already. Your period will start around 2-3 days after you stop taking the period delay treatment.

Although it is unlikely, we cannot rule out that some people may experience side effects while taking the treatment. The side effects will differ depending on the medication you are prescribed. The side effects can include headaches, sickness, bloating and fluid retention. If you begin to feel unwell during treatment, you must stop taking the medication and discuss with your GP or our clinical team.

The treatment provided is safe, if you guarantee that your questionnaire is completed honestly and you have no risk factors that are flagged to our clinical team. The treatment prescribed will be at our clinical team's discretion, and if they feel there are any risks for you on the information given to us we will let you know.

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