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Policy document updated 1st November 2023


By using the services provided by the platform https://dronline.ie/, you (the “User”) agree to adhere to and be bound by the following Terms and Conditions, as well as all future modifications thereof. References to “we,” “us,” or “our” refer to DrOnline Lda. References to “you” or “your” refer to any person using dronline.ie.

A. General

This website is owned and operated by DrOnline Lda, a company incorporated under the laws of Portugal with company number 514402849 and whose registered office is at Edifício Startup Alentejo, Av. 25 de Abril, 7080-134 Vendas Novas, Portugal. The website and its content have been created in accordance with the laws currently in force in Ireland.

In terms of current legislation, DrOnline Lda is duly registered with the appropriate health and regulatory authorities in Ireland, ensuring compliance with all necessary legal standards and regulations.

On our website https://dronline.ie (hereinafter referred to as “the Platform” or simply “DrOnline”) – you can find an IT marketplace for healthcare, connecting users with healthcare professionals through online video consultations in Ireland.

The access to and use of this website are subject to the following Terms and Conditions. By navigating on this website and purchasing our services through it, the user agrees to act in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with their content for any reason, you should immediately cease access and/or use of this website.

Please be aware that if you violate any of the terms included herein, your right to access and use this website will be immediately terminated, and where applicable, we may proceed with legal action.

We reserve the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notification. The amended Terms and Conditions take effect from the date they are published on this website. Therefore, you should review them each time you visit this website, as continued access and use of the website should represent your acceptance of the changed Terms and Conditions.

DrOnline reserves the right to use the personal data you enter on this website to contact you directly and send communication relevant to the scope of services provided by the health professionals collaborating with this platform, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

B. Our Services

DrOnline Lda offers an online service for medical and other health-related video consultations, enabling access to health professionals via video conferencing. During consultations, a personalized evaluation of your medical history and health data is performed, including medical advice, prescription of medications, and/or recommendations for in-person consultations or emergency services as needed.

We provide information on our website, our social media platforms—Instagram and Facebook—and through our newsletter. We also offer personalized support through our pre-booked consultations.

The goal of our Online Consultation service is to make healthcare more accessible, comfortable, and patient-centric.

All health professionals collaborating with DrOnline are fully qualified to practice in Ireland and are registered with their respective Professional Bodies and Regulatory Entities.

NOTE: DrOnline is fundamentally a consultative service and should not be used in medical emergencies or situations where immediate physical examination or personal contact with a health professional is necessary. This service does not replace the usual healthcare provided by General Practitioners or Hospitals and is not intended for emergency medical or psychological situations.

In emergencies, you should ideally consult a health professional in person, visit the nearest emergency department, or call the national emergency number (999 or 112 in Ireland).

It is important to be aware that the information on this website regarding various topics like medical tips is provided solely to assist you. However, as it is not personalized information, it is your responsibility to verify its suitability for your particular circumstances and to decide whether or not to apply the provided tips. Consequently, we do not assume responsibility for any consequences arising from the application of the provided information.

C. Access and Use

The online consultation service operates based on prior scheduling and assumes full payment of the consultation fee for its execution. If you encounter technical difficulties during the booking process, please contact us through our chat or email info@dronline.ie for assistance.

For children or young people under the age of 18 to use the online consultation service, their legal guardian must give their consent during the pre-booking of the consultation on our website. The legal guardian must start the consultation with the minor and provide proof of identity and their relationship with the patient.

The user is responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the data provided.

A user booking a consultation on behalf of another individual is responsible for ensuring that the provided data is up-to-date and true and that the person who will benefit from the online consultation agrees with the booking and with these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Upon receipt of payment and the issuance of the corresponding invoice, a notification will be sent to the user confirming the scheduled consultation.

We reserve the right to suspend, limit, or terminate your access to this website at any time, as well as to change the access method or even the format of the consultations, or other products or services that you have purchased, by making them available through other platforms or even in file format, to ensure access for the agreed time from the purchase date.

Likewise, we reserve the right to present, delete, edit, withdraw, or modify any data, content, materials, or information displayed on https://dronline.ie or any product associated with DrOnline at any time. The same applies to DrOnline’s social media channels.

Please also be aware of the following:

  • The user is responsible for ensuring the necessary conditions for the consultation, such as internet access, battery life, a computer or mobile device with a camera and microphone, software updates, and a location with the necessary privacy. DrOnline is not liable if these conditions are not met by the user, and as a general rule, there is no refund or rescheduling of the consultation if it is not carried out or is incomplete.

  • The health professional will begin the consultation at the scheduled date and time and may open the consultation room up to 5 minutes before. The patient should access the room and request to enter at the scheduled time. A tolerance of 15 minutes is given. In case of delay without prior notice and after the tolerance period, the consultation is considered terminated without a refund, so punctuality is crucial.

D. Online Video Consultations

Our online consultations are conducted via video call on the DOXY platform, which has been evaluated by our Data Protection Officer (DPO) for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the right to privacy of all involved parties and deemed appropriate.

All you need as a user is to activate a link that will be sent to you once the date and time are set. Alternatively, the consultation can be conducted by telephone if the patient requests it, except for the issuance of medical certificates.

The identity of the patient is verified by the health professional at the start of all consultations.

Consultations can be conducted in English, and upon request, in Portuguese, Spanish, or French, depending on the user’s preference.

During the consultation, all relevant health information regarding your clinical situation will be provided, as well as clarifications regarding any prescribed medication. Prescriptions will be sent immediately to your email or by SMS.

It is crucial that you provide your complete medical history and do not omit any information, as this could delay or alter the diagnosis.

The clinical decision of the health professional is based on the information provided by the patient; therefore, the accuracy and truthfulness of this information are essential for appropriate care. DrOnline Lda is not responsible for situations arising from false, inaccurate, or outdated information provided by the patient.

NOTE: Consultations are generally one-on-one, except for exceptions such as group psychology consultations or when requested by the patient and authorized by the health professional, or when suggested by the professional with the patient’s consent.

However, the health professional may refuse to continue the consultation if the patient does not comply with established rules, attempts to obtain medication for resale or inappropriate use, insults or threatens the health professional, lacks the minimum conditions necessary for the consultation, does not provide a calm, quiet environment with a high degree of confidentiality, or for other reasons that make the professional uncomfortable. If the patient has a poor internet connection and the online consultation is not feasible, the professional reserves the right to terminate the consultation and reschedule or conclude the consultation by phone call.

Following each service, you will have the opportunity to leave comments about the professional with whom you had the online consultation. Your comment should be concise and not contain discriminatory, offensive, or defamatory language. Comments are not verified by DrOnline Lda for accuracy and may be incorrect or misleading.

E. Payment

The consultation fee must be paid at least 48 hours before its scheduled time, which secures the booking.

Please be aware that DrOnline Lda does not guarantee the execution of consultations:

  • With bookings made less than 72 hours in advance;
  • For patients under 18 without prior authorization from their legal guardian as previously mentioned;
  • If there is abusive use of the platform or the user is behaving abusively, including using DrOnline Lda for purposes not described herein;
  • In the case of technical problems on the patient’s side.

Payment for the consultation can be made via debit/credit card or PayPal. The payment should be made at the time of booking to validate the appointment. If payment is not made at this time, the consultation will not be scheduled, and the slot will remain available for other patients.

F. Cancellation and Rescheduling

If the health professional is unable to attend the session at the scheduled time, the patient will be notified by DrOnline Lda as soon as possible. In such a case, the patient may request a refund of the consultation fee if the delay is more than 1 hour from the scheduled time or reschedule a new consultation.

If the consultation booking is canceled by the patient, or by someone who has made the booking on their behalf, a full refund will only be possible if the cancellation is made up to 48 hours before the date of the consultation. If the cancellation occurs beyond this 48-hour period, DrOnline Lda does not refund the consultation fee.

Please note that non-attendance at the online consultation, as previously indicated, constitutes a cancellation situation without entitlement to a refund of the amount paid.

In situations where a refund is issued, it will be processed using the original method of payment. If the payment was made by bank transfer, it is the patient’s responsibility to provide the IBAN of the bank account to which the refund should be sent. The patient will be contacted via email to collect this information. If there is no response to the email within 5 business days, the patient will be contacted by telephone.

G. Refund Policy

Consultations are services that commence immediately upon purchase, through administrative actions or direct interaction with the patient. Thus, by purchasing this service, the patient acknowledges that they waive their right to the statutory 14-day cooling-off period provided under Irish consumer protection law, except in circumstances previously outlined where a refund is applicable.

H. Rescheduling of Online Consultations

For individual consultations, after a booking has been made, the patient may reschedule the appointment with at least 48 hours’ notice. To do so, the patient should contact our support via CHAT or send an email to info@dronline.ie with the subject “Rescheduling” and specify in the email the desired consultation details; doctor, day, time, and booking number.

Please note that rescheduling is always subject to the availability of the professional’s schedule.

I. Response to Inquiries and Operating Hours

All contacts should be made exclusively by email or through the chat available on our website. Inquiries made through other channels (including social media) will not be answered, as well as inquiries made on non-working days (bank holidays, weekends, or during holidays) may be delayed by at least 10 working days.

For the purpose of responding to emails and messages on the platform, our customer service operates on weekdays from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm (Irish time).

J. Prescriptions

Prescriptions issued during the consultation are valid as indicated on the document. Reissuing or issuing new prescriptions (in circumstances such as expiration, stock shortages at the pharmacy, requests for additional packages, or substitution of the agreed medication at the customer’s request) will require a new prescription request to be made.

Consultations for the purpose of issuing a prescription are intended for patients with chronic conditions or ongoing medication needs. Should it become apparent during a consultation for a prescription that the patient requires a general clinical or other specialty consultation, the prescription will only be issued after the patient has settled any additional fees with our customer service.

K. Prescription Services without Consultations

Dr. Online offers a convenient Prescription Services option for individuals seeking prescription renewals without a full consultation. To access this service, clients are required to complete a questionnaire, providing essential details about their medical history, current symptoms, and any medications they are currently taking. Our dedicated clinical team, consisting of qualified General Practitioners (GPs), will carefully review the questionnaire to assess its clinical suitability. If the request is approved, clients will receive a confirmation email containing information on how to collect their electronic prescription.

It’s important to note that our prescription service is open to everyone; however, the suitability of the service and the treatment requested will be determined by our clinical team based on the information provided in the questionnaire. If clients have any uncertainties about the questions in the questionnaire or would like to discuss their medical issue further with a GP, we encourage them to book a Video Appointment for a more in-depth consultation and personalized guidance

L. Permitted Use of Our Website

Access to and use of this website are permitted for personal, non-commercial purposes, meaning the website must only be accessed and used directly by private individuals. Access and use of this website for purposes beyond personal, non-commercial use are strictly prohibited.

You may not use this website:

  • In any unlawful, fraudulent, or commercial manner;
  • To gain market insights about brands or specific digital influencers;
  • To harm, abuse, embarrass, defame, slander, threaten, or harass another person or entity, or in a way that invades someone else’s privacy or is obscene, offensive, hateful, indecent, inappropriate, objectionable, discriminatory, or damaging as determined by us;
  • To modify or reverse engineer any part of the website;
  • In a way that interferes with, disrupts, or imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large burden on our communications and technical systems as determined by us;
  • Using any automated computer code, process, program, robot, web crawler, spider, data mining, trawling, or other ‘screen scraping’ software, system, or program.

M. Intellectual Property Rights

The rights to the information, content, and materials on this website belonging to DrOnline.ie are owned by DrOnline Lda. You may print, copy, download, or store excerpts of content, material, or information from these platforms for your personal use. You may not reproduce, in whole or in part, the content of this website or any material from the aforementioned platforms, nor use the content, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes, even with due credits attributed.

N. Disclaimer of Liability

We make all reasonable efforts to ensure that information transmitted via the website and DrOnline’s social media is correct and to rectify any errors or omissions as soon as possible when notified of them. We appreciate that if you detect any communication slip, you contact us immediately so we can promptly update and/or rectify the information if necessary.

However, we do not take responsibility if information, materials, and third-party content on the website are inaccurate or if there are any errors or omissions in the data, Some of our channels may provide you with access to third-party websites. You are fully responsible for any use of such websites and for any decision to obtain or refrain from obtaining any of the products or services mentioned on such websites. We make no representations or warranties about the content, completeness, or accuracy of these links or the sites linked to this site, which are not under our control.

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